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OBEO E-Election

OBEO E-Election is an application that is used for student body representatives voting. It integrates with Banner to get the legitimate students.

The application uses scanners (can be iPod or iPhone scanners or regular bar-code scanners connected to PC’s) to identify students.

Once identified, the student is given a colored “token”

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OBEO Graduate Admission

OBEO Graduate Admission is an application that helps universities to automate graduate admissions to different programs and degrees each with its own requirements.

It has the feasibility to ask for recommendations online, to pay online (or at cashier), with integration with SMS gateway in case of missing documents.

Each faculty or graduate committee will have its own workflow to approve/disapprove applications and communicate with applicants.

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OBEO Careers

OBEO Career Services is  a  state  of  the  art  application  with  a modern user interface that helps:

  • Companies  to  add  themselves  to  the  system  and  post  jobs  to  graduates and students

  • Students  to  manage  their  profiles,  job  searches  and  their  internship programs

  • Career  center  administrators  to  manage  which  companies  can  post  to what majors and to manage the whole show.

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OBEO Faculty Member Information System

OBEO Faculty Member Information System is a system  that  does  to  faculty  members  what  Banner  does  to  students.  Faculty members can have their profiles, CVs, researches, interests, etc…

In the Faculty Member Information System, export their CVs,  select  what  to  show  in  public  profiles,  integrate  with  research  sites,  and have  processes  automated like annual performance review, 

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