Zakkerne Reminders

Zakkerne is a simple & powerful web based software application that manages company & employees’ documents & their expiry dates.

Using Zakkerne application, the company will enhance the productivity of its business as it gives employees the freedom to focus on the important aspects of things rather than worrying about missing expiry dates of vital documents such as:

  • Passports

  • Visas

  • National ID’s

  • Invoices

  • Contracts

  • Maintenance

  • Payments due dates

 An automated expiry alert system – that helps users &



Just as people use RFID as they go about their daily lives, objects also use this technology, as they transit from manufacture to storage and finally the point of sale.


Like us, they also carry RFID tags. The difference between objects and us is that they don’t “voluntarily” present their RFID tag or card when asked.


Supply Chain Management

Scrumium Solutions is the representative of Transtek in Lebanon.

Your business success can no longer be measured by your internal success but also by the success your clients, partners, and suppliers. Ensuring their satisfaction and having a customer-centric to improve better long-run.

Since Compass Supply Chain Management enables preparation, planning, implementation,


Fixed Assets

Scrumium Solutions is the representative of Transtek in Lebanon.

Managing fixed assets involves numerous documents, and it’s in fact the most document intensive function in the financial department. Ineffectively managing fixed assets leads to unnecessary insurance and tax costs.

Compass Assets Management helps to control all fixed assets trouble-free, and enables both a qualitative and quantitative overview your assets.


Time Attendance

Manage your most important asset; people, with a comprehensive, coherent human resources management system that appreciates the importance of your people as much as you do. 

Motivated and well organized employees deliver successful business environment, and help your company achieve its potential and reach its goals.  

Compass HRIS automates human resources functions and enable human resources managers to have complete control over their processes.



  • The Financial Card view all financial information for a certain month in one view

  • Flexible Payroll Financial Cycle (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly …)

  • Create calculation’s formulas in the system.

  • Compatible with all regional and local  laws.

  • Configure all Parameters of Compensations, 

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Financial Solutions

Managing your financial resources has become a challenge and is essential for all the decision making procedures within the organization, given the potential risks that are accompanied with each decision.  

Key Features:

  • Includes general ledger, cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, budgeting, shareholders management, cost analysis and control,


Compass Banking Solutions

Compass Bank Suite is a part of Compass Suite that provides integrated solutions for Banks.

 It includes the following modules:
• Anti-Money Laundering Management
• Shares Management
• Fixed Assets Management
• Procurement Management
• Inventory & Material Management
• Budgeting Management

Compass Banking Solutions Website

Compass HRMS


Compass HRMS allows an organization to keep all employee data integrated, which is helpful when it comes to making changes in payroll, timetable, and keeping track of employee hours.

Having Compass payroll system will reduce the risk of entering and calculation errors.

Self-Service module can streamline communication and approval processes, saving professionals’ time and helping to boost employee empowerment and engagement.

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OBEO E-Election

OBEO E-Election is an application that is used for student body representatives voting. It integrates with Banner to get the legitimate students.

The application uses scanners (can be iPod or iPhone scanners or regular bar-code scanners connected to PC’s) to identify students.

Once identified, the student is given a colored “token”

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