Itron Water Network Management

We are using and losing water at unprecedented rates. How we manage this vital resource will prove integral to our continued health and livelihood. Itron’s leading-edge leak detection and pressure management technologies take the guesswork out of locating potential leaks and accurately controlling pressure across water networks. By recovering non-revenue water, maximizing availability and minimizing resource costs,

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Itron Cost Allocation

Heat and cooling metering technology derives from the need to share heating consumption costs equitably, the development of co-generation in the industrial sector and the growing use of air conditioning in homes and offices. To service this evolving energy sector, Itron has developed a host of innovative metering and system solutions that ensure the accuracy and availability of data used in analytic applications,


Itron C&I Advanced Metering Infrastructure

As significant contributors to utilities’ overall revenue, today’s commercial and industrial (C&I) customers require more than just meter reading automation. To better optimize energy and water usage, C&I metering technology must offer a host of advanced data collection and analytic capabilities which are dynamic enough to negotiate today’s challenges and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.


C&I AMI Solution Features and Benefits

Itron’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions include metering technology tailored to the unique needs of your C&I customers.


Itron Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Wireless network system for meter data collection

By collecting and utilizing detailed gas, water and heat data, you can better analyze your operations to become more efficient than ever—and deliver more value to your customers.

Itron’s gas and water advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, built upon our EverBlu architecture, are more than just simple automatic meter reading systems.

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