Itron Automated Meter Reading

Meter reading doesn’t have to be a time- and labor-intensive manual process. With Itron’s automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions, you can streamline the meter reading process, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.


Itron AMR solutions let you pick and choose the technology you need based on budget and service territory. Because all Itron electricity, gas, water and thermal energy communication modules share the same platform, handheld or mobile collection systems can be deployed independently or in a hybrid environment, giving you the ultimate in flexibility and choice. That same platform also lets you migrate to a full-featured advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system, offering you even more value and operational advantages as your needs evolve.


AMR Solution Features and Benefits

AMR technology doesn’t just provide simple consumption reads. It also provides capabilities like outage notification, demand reset, tamper information and interval data logging.

Advanced Mobile Data Collection

When it comes to optimizing readings of both residential and C&I meter types in urban, suburban or rural areas, a mobile wireless system provides a reliable and economic solution.

Ease of operation, data integrity, total system cost and the ability to collect more granular data are the decisive factors Itron has taken into account when designing its advanced data collection solutions for gas, water and heat providers.

Built upon the AnyQuest system architecture, Itron solutions provide a complete range of equipment for a variety of collection needs—from integrated radio modules with two-way communications capabilities to a turn-key offering that includes route management software and handheld terminals. Itron’s advanced data collection solutions offer a high-performance RF mobile meter reading system in response to your market’s needs—one ideally suited for multi-energy applications involving water, gas and heat metering.


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