Itron C&I Advanced Metering Infrastructure

As significant contributors to utilities’ overall revenue, today’s commercial and industrial (C&I) customers require more than just meter reading automation. To better optimize energy and water usage, C&I metering technology must offer a host of advanced data collection and analytic capabilities which are dynamic enough to negotiate today’s challenges and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.


C&I AMI Solution Features and Benefits

Itron’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions include metering technology tailored to the unique needs of your C&I customers. Our two-way communications systems enable customer access to real-time granular consumption data critical for systems optimization, flexible rate structures and multi-user data aggregation and analysis. Plus, with our Itron TOTAL solution, Itron offers this broad portfolio of products and services in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure for utilities looking to pace and price their AMI rollouts in a manner that best fits their business needs.


On the supply side, Itron AMI equips you with tools that reduce communications and maintenance costs, enable remote operation, ensure distribution system integrity and enhance customer engagement by measuring key variables in service level agreements. Itron AMI solutions provide you with crucial information for the demanding and evolving C&I energy and water sectors. Powerful, enduring—intelligence at the metering point.

GSM / GPRS Supervision System -WaterMind

Because large customers consume the majority of a provider’s total water production, a dedicated system is required to supervise their usage—in real-time.

Itron offers an advanced yet simple way to obtain the data that helps you protect your revenue and manage water more intelligently—while encouraging large consumers to be wiser about their use.

Built on upon Itron’s WaterMind system architecture, this system provides innovative functions to monitor meter performance and water consumption using creation of advanced data from the meter point and SMS/GSM based data transmission.

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