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Heat and cooling metering technology derives from the need to share heating consumption costs equitably, the development of co-generation in the industrial sector and the growing use of air conditioning in homes and offices. To service this evolving energy sector, Itron has developed a host of innovative metering and system solutions that ensure the accuracy and availability of data used in analytic applications, while at the same time reducing the costs of collecting and analyzing that data.

Submetering Mobile Data Collection – EquaScan

Allocation AMI
Allocation AMI

Reliable and efficient solutions for automated meter reading (AMR) of heating energy and water consumption become more and more important for building administrations.

The innovative Equa Scan Walk By radio system for water and heat has been specially developed to fulfill the requirements of billing service companies. The system enables heat cost and water metering data to be collected efficiently, quickly and securely.

The bidirectional RF communication and the innovative data collision management guarantee fastest reading of the implemented RF devices such as water meter modules for apartment and residential water meters and of the electronic heat cost allocators.

Key Features:

  • Year round Walk By data collection

  • Module settings via RF without entering the building

  • Huge data protection due to RF encryption

Main Benefits:

  • RF data collection in shortest time due to e.g. innovative data collision management

  • Huge RF reading distance

  • Every data detail via RF

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