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Financial Solutions

Managing your financial resources has become a challenge and is essential for all the decision making procedures within the organization, given the potential risks that are accompanied with each decision.  

Key Features:

  • Includes general ledger, cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, budgeting, shareholders management, cost analysis and control, and financial analysis.

  • Complete financial picture of your organization

  • Solid information from across the organization’s financial facts to help make more sound and confident decisions

  • Follows international financial standards and issues financial statements that complies with international financial standards.

  • Ability to build chart of account with segments or hierarchical structure and keeps data for years on the same version.

  • Multi currency and multi company support

  • Replication support

  • Flexible profit and loss presentation

How will Compass Financial help my business?

  • Integrate financial processes with other business operations

  • Flexible reporting mechanism

  • Allow the organization to plan ahead

  • Manage cash flow more effectively

  • Have control over your assets and their depreciation

  • Insure a healthy balance sheet with effective debt management

  • Act from an informed position

Compass Financials is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.

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