Itron Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Wireless network system for meter data collection

By collecting and utilizing detailed gas, water and heat data, you can better analyze your operations to become more efficient than ever—and deliver more value to your customers.

Itron’s gas and water advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, built upon our EverBlu architecture, are more than just simple automatic meter reading systems. AMI opens the way for a wide range of applications such as conservation, customer relationship management, distribution asset optimization and demand-side management—applications a traditional AMR system couldn’t dream of.

Itron AMI solutions use a wireless communication system that is ideally suited to all kinds of urban, suburban and rural environments. It is suitable for multi-energy applications involving water, gas and heat metering.

Advanced wireless communication modules create accurate metering data. The system then automatically collects this data, and, with its automatic node path reconfiguration (designed for maximum reliability), delivers data to a headend system for billing and analysis. Itron AMI solutions provide you with comprehensive and truly valuable energy and water information.

Itron Total AMI

Itron Total AMI packages our existing industry-leading capabilities in metering, communications, data management, analysis and managed services, together in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure. 

Specifically, with Itron Total AMI, Itron’s experienced team manages all aspects of a utility’s data collection system, offloading the burden of day-to-day data management tasks and freeing utility staff to focus on gaining more benefits and capabilities from their systems.

Itron Total AMI offers leading network technology and solution architecture with flexibility in communications and deployment strategies, along with data management and analytical tools. It gives utilities a simplified option for measuring, collecting and analyzing usage data at the customer, district and system levels. The data collected offers utilities increased opportunities for customer service, conservation support, advanced operational analysis, custom reporting and improved revenue vigilance.



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