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OBEO Faculty Member Information System

professorOBEO Faculty Member Information System is a system  that  does  to  faculty  members  what  Banner  does  to  students.  Faculty members can have their profiles, CVs, researches, interests, etc…

In the Faculty Member Information System, export their CVs,  select  what  to  show  in  public  profiles,  integrate  with  research  sites,  and have  processes  automated like annual performance review,  contract  renewal, time and effort, etc…  

  • Consolidate Faculty Member Profiles across the university.

  • Manage Faculty Members related processes such as Reappointment and Performance Review by both the faculties and academic administration.

  • Generate university wide reports, statistics, and records of current and previous faculty member. 

  • One stop for faculty member to input their academic and professional achievement which automatically will be populated to the related processes.

  • Manage the time & effort of each Faculty Member and linked it to its HR & SIS system such as banner and others.

  • Automate different workflows and Committee approvals.

  • Easily integrates with research websites and online scoring for faculty members publications.

OBEO FMIS Brochure

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