Supply Chain Management

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Your business success can no longer be measured by your internal success but also by the success your clients, partners, and suppliers. Ensuring their satisfaction and having a customer-centric to improve better long-run.

Since Compass Supply Chain Management enables preparation, planning, implementation, and synchronization of the whole supply chain process, it allows you to experience greater control and efficiency.

The effective integration of manufacturers, warehouses, suppliers, and clients has become a competitive necessity in today’s environment. Reducing distribution costs and delivery times while increasing bottom-line profit, and ensuring clients satisfaction are some few benefits among many others that Compass Supply Chain can offer.

Key Features:

The full package of Compass Supply Chain Management includes the following core modules:

  • Compass Materials Management.

  • Compass Procurement Management.

  • Compass Sales Management.

  • Compass Production Management.

  • Compass Forecasting Management.

  • Compass Distribution Management.    


  • Adapt to supply uncertainties and demand variability.

  • Improve customer service and responsiveness.

  • Maximize efficiency in the supply chain.

  • Enhance inventory management to increase inventory turnover and reduce obsolete inventory.

  • Optimize purchasing activities and thus increase your buying power.

  • Enhance demand forecast.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Compass Supply Chain Management is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.

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