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Managing fixed assets involves numerous documents, and it’s in fact the most document intensive function in the financial department. Ineffectively managing fixed assets leads to unnecessary insurance and tax costs.

Compass Assets Management helps to control all fixed assets trouble-free, and enables both a qualitative and quantitative overview your assets.

Key features:

  • Records, including purchasing, rental, manufacturing, insurance and maintenance information.

  • Auto generation of assets codes & bar-codes.

  • Location & custodian.

  • Financial fixed assets records.

  • Financial records  of  original cost, additions & disposals, life spam, and initial depreciation.

  • Fixed Assets Processes.

  • Fixed Assets Depreciation.

  • Depreciation method.

  • Unlimited options for re-calculating depreciation before posting.

  • Reports.

How would it benefit my business?

  • Improved internal control of all fixed assets.

  • Effective resource management.

  • Simplified and faster asset entry and adjustments with automated data entry pages.

  • Enhanced planning and budgeting of capital expenditure.

  • Ability to control physical asset information throughout their life cycle.

  • Setting up depreciation plans with minimal efforts.

Compass Fixed Assets is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.


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