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Manage your most important asset; people, with a comprehensive, coherent human resources management system that appreciates the importance of your people as much as you do. 

Motivated and well organized employees deliver successful business environment, and help your company achieve its potential and reach its goals.  

Compass HRIS automates human resources functions and enable human resources managers to have complete control over their processes.

Key Features:

  • Regulation of HR processes to achieve best results

  • The full package includes the three main functions to regulate the HR process:

  • Personnel

  • Payroll

  • Attendance

  • Managing recruitment process and plans

  • Managing interviews, performance appraisal, training and development.

  • Managing self-service, resignation, incentive, budget, succession plan, and career path.

  • Compliance to tax and insurance laws

  • Compass HR is available in full package or in sub-packages with one or more of the modules.

How will Compass HR help my business?

  • Reduce time and money spent on preparing manual data for each employee

  • Increase efficiency and interaction through self-service function

  • Have full control over HR processes

  • Support HR department to help the organization in accomplishing its strategy

  • Maintain an up to date account of each employee

  • HR processes improvement through monitoring performance

Compass HRIS is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.


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