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We are using and losing water at unprecedented rates. How we manage this vital resource will prove integral to our continued health and livelihood. Itron’s leading-edge leak detection and pressure management technologies take the guesswork out of locating potential leaks and accurately controlling pressure across water networks. By recovering non-revenue water, maximizing availability and minimizing resource costs, our network management solutions start paying dividends the day they are deployed.

Automatic Pressure Optimization Solution

The challenge of accurately controlling pressure in a water network is complicated by the fact that pressure varies uniquely across each part of each network, constantly shifting with changing patterns of demand and outside events. Because of these variations, basic pressure management techniques either lock in a pressure level that is too high (or too low), or are unable to respond effectively to the changing demands on the network.

Advanced Pressure Management overcomes these shortcomings with technology enabled to automatically and continuously optimize pressure across the network, based on the current demand patterns and operating characteristics of that area of the network. The Smart Pressure Management solutions delivers these capabilities as part of an intelligent, network-wide technology platform, easy to install and operate.

The architecture of Itron Advanced Pressure Management solutions is built around a new set of enterprise class software-based services, combined with highly intelligent loggers and controllers in the network to monitor network performance and control assets such as PRVs (Pressure Reducing Valves) and pumps.

Features of advanced pressure management:

  • A single technology solution to manage all aspects of pressure management

  • All relevant network parameters at the click of a button

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Easy to integrate tools to remotely manage pressures

Main benefits of advanced pressure management:

  • Leakage reduction

  • Energy savings

  • Burst frequency reduction

  • Improved customer service

  • Extended asset lifetimes

  • Operational cost savings

Leak Detection


With up to thirty percent of water pumped through distribution systems lost to leaks, the benefits of leak detection can be extensive. As service territory expands and the costs of extracting and distributing water rise, water loss represents an increasingly important factor in budgeting and conservation decisions. The amount of water lost from leaky pipes or recovered with leak detection technology can impact the timing of infrastructure expansion projects by years. An affordable, reliable leak detection program will have an immediate impact on conservation programs, revenue and profitability projections, and overall operational efficiency.

Itron’s leak detection solutions represent a significant departure from reactive water loss management strategies of the past. Instead of sustaining the ongoing costs of lost water and waiting for leaks to surface—sometimes with catastrophic consequences—our leak detection technology enables utilities to proactively manage non-revenue water and avert costly pipe failures. Once deployed, you can use this technology to remotely organize, interpret, and optimize demand-side and supply-side leak data in close intervals. Field personnel can create action plans that address existing and emergent leaks as part of a comprehensive detection and repair program, effectively integrating the system into daily operations. In effect, a utility will start to see conservation and cost benefits with the first leak repaired.

With Itron’s leak detection technology, you can:

  • Maximize water supply availability by detecting emergent and pre-existing leaks automatically, and at any point between the treatment plant and the consumer, with close interval leak surveys.

  • Mitigate pipeline accidents and subsequent infrastructure leakage with an eye toward improving utility operations, maintenance and capital improvement decisions.

  • Minimize water system operating costs by reducing structural, water quality and hydraulic failures and their adverse effects, while at the same time minimizing life-cycle costs

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